Saudi Call to Boycott Male Staffed Lingerie Stores

Saudi Arabia is known for following a Wahhabi form of Islam, an interpretation of Islam that is particularly opressive to women’s rights. There is complete separation of the sexes who are not related, and physical contact between men and women is prohibited. This makes it nearly impossible for women to not only shop for undergarments but to be measured for them, being that most of the staff hired to work in shops are men.

Reem Asad, an economics teacher from Jeddah, is pushing through her facebook page a 2-week boycott of male staffed lingerie shops. Protests are illegal in Saudi Arabia, therefore facebook was her only option.

The Religious police of Saudi Arabia said that they were not against the idea of women working in the lingerie stores, as long as the shop was located in women-only malls.

Hopefully lots of women will hold out lingerie shopping for 2-weeks to support the cause!
“I just hope that many respond and boycott.” -Reem Asad
Saudi woman shopping for lingerie.
Male worker at Lingerie store in Jeddah.


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