Buy Some Flowers and Support Kenya!

In Kenya, the rose business usually brings in a lot of money from December to March, incorporating Christmas, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. But this year, with the financial crises and the erratic weather conditions, the industry is struggling. Jane Ngige of the Kenya Flower Council said, “when winters are heavy people don’t go out shopping for flowers”. Or maybe this year consumers have a case of the Valentine’s Day Blues.

The European Union is the main market for Kenyan flower growers, which takes 65% of the produce grown, followed by Japan and the east European market. 40,000 people are employed by the flower industry in Kenya, and the drop in sales is causing a sense of anxiety for workers.

“Labour has been scaled down but we are hoping things will improve,” Jane Ngige says.

“We try to keep workers with us as long as possible,” she adds.

Buy some flowers and support Kenya!


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