Valentine’s Day Around the World

All the hype of Valentine’s Day in New York made me wonder… how do other countries around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day?

In Japan and South Korea, Valentine’s Day has become a time where women give chocolates, known as giri-choco, to all of their co-workers on 14 February.
Also in Japan and South Korea, primarily women give presents to the men on February 14th. One month later, on March 14th known as White Day, the chosen men are supposed to acknowledge their feelings for the woman who gave them a present a month earlier by giving them a present.

In Japan, the man gives the women the gift she gave to him back and in South Korea the men give white chocolate or marshmallows, hence the name White Day.

In South Korea one month after White Day, there is Black Day for all the unfortunate men who did not receive a gift on Valentine’s Day. They come together and eat jajangmyun, a Chinese-style black noodle dish. If they aren’t sad about not having a Valentine, they might be sad about having to eat this dish. Doesn’t look too appealing!

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