The American University in Cairo

Recently, with the end of my studies in sight, I have been looking into new ways to see more of the world and go abroad to countries I have never visited before. I got an email through my school about the Presidential Internship Program at the American University in Cairo (AUC) and thought it looked amazing. The opportunity to be in Egypt, learn Arabic and be able to work all at once seemed too good to be true! This aroused my interest and inspired me to do more research about the actual university and see what the school was all about.

Other than the campus being absolutely breathtaking, the mixture of cultures within the student population is something I admire. Founded in 1919, AUC was the first English-language university in Egypt to promote the ideals of American liberal arts, professional education and life-long learning. AUC wanted to cultivate in students an appreciation of their own culture and heritage and their responsibilities toward society while at the same time sharing this culture with a small percentage of international students.

According to AUC’s website, 17 percent of the student body is coming from 70 different countries. Cairo, which has been historically described as the center of Middle Eastern culture, could be the location of my next international adventure!

AUC’s downtown campus in Cairo

New Campus in New Cairo


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