Porque te vas…

For my Spanish Cinema course, I watched the film Cría Cuervos by Carlos Saura (1976). Although the film is rather sinister, one of the songs that was played throughout the film really grabbed my attention: Por que te vas by Jeanette.

Por que te vasJeanette (Janette Anne Dimech) was born in London in 1951, then lived in the United States in both Chicago and California. At age 12 her parents divorced and she went with her mother, a native of Spain, to live in Barcelona. At first she only spoke English, but she quickly learned Spanish and began her musical career. She styled her music around American folk but continued to sing in Spanish.

Some of her other famous songs include: Soy rebelde, El muchacho de los ojos tristes, Estoy triste, Corazón de Poeta, Frente a frente and Un día es un día. Something about her voice, in my opinion, has a timeless quality to it. Check it out below:


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