Tektonik Dance Craze in France

When I took a semester in France 2 years ago, I got the chance to experience the Tektonik, also spelled Tecktonik, trend sweeping Paris first hand. The dance is based in electro/house music, and has been featured in several mainstream videos in France, including Je Vais Vite by Lorie and A Cuase Des Garcons TEPR Remix by Yelle.

Yet Tektonik is not only a dance, but a lifestyle. Parisians that dance Tektonik also seem to have similar styles: spiky almost modern mullet hairstyles and neon-colored tight-fitted clothing.

Check out the videos below to see the dance craze that is not only taking over France, but is expanding internationally.

Mondotek: Alive. Jey Jey is the main dancer in this video and is an expert in the Tektonik dance. He also appears in Lorie’s video: Je Vais Vite.

Another good clip of tektonik:


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