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C-sections on the rise in the United States compared to other countries

August 28, 2011

Interesting video of why Cesarean Sections (also known as C-sections) are on the rise in the United States compared to other countries. The normal C-section rate is around 7% and is only used in extreme situations. In the U.S. the C-section rate is now around 34% and still on the rise.

I also watched a documentary titled “Pregnant in America” that said many doctors recommend C-sections not because it is best for the mom or baby, but because they are either overly cautious due to fear of being sued for malpractice, or time constraints. When I say time constraints, I mean that usually a vaginal birth is not a fast process, but a c-section can be scheduled and takes about 20 minutes, which allows doctors to get back to their practice and see other patients…

Hmm… I still think I am more inclined to go to a hospital, but it does make you think twice.