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What the bottled water industry doesn’t want you to know…

August 28, 2011

“Whiskey is for sipping and water is for fighting.” -Mark Twain

The bottled water industry has turned natural human necessities into products that we purchase for astronomical prices, many times not knowing exactly what we are purchasing or how it will effect our world in the future.

At the FDA there is only one person that overseas all the bottled world industry in the United States… talk about overworked and she also says she has “other responsibilities”.

Public drinking water is tested 300 times a month to ensure the safety of the water. Private drinking water (bottled water) does not go through this rigorous testing. The water companies themselves are the ones that conduct all of the safety tests! Can you imagine a big corporation actually bringing reports to the FDA saying their bottled water contains bacteria or that the plastic is leaching dangerous chemicals?? Neither can I.

PET plastic bottles and BPA water jugs can be dangerous, and studies are starting to show that they have an increased amount of estrogen and can cause reproductive problems. Also, the actual bottles are made from crude oil and 6 million of these bottles are disposed of a day. Where do these bottles go? Only around 20% are actually recycled… a lot have found themselves into our ocean, with an area the size of Texas in the Pacific littered with dangerous plastic. Did you know it takes on average 20 pieces of plastic debris to kill a fish? We will also be consuming these fish and ingesting these dangerous chemicals all over again.

The bottled water industry is marketing at it’s best, but it fails to offer anything different than tap water… and come to find out it may be more dangerous to our health and absolutely more devastating for our environment.

As someone that used to buy bottled water everyday, after seeing the documentary below, Tapped, I look at bottled water as a horrible convenience that is robbing us of a clean environment, making us more dependent on oil, and could be endangering our health.

Lesson for the day: drink tap water!!